comfort food

These days I seem to be in a comfort food rut. Not even comfort food, but comfort baking: easy, gooey, one-pot cookies and muffins and squares that I can whip up without too much thought. I’m not sure if it’s the weather (the usual Vancouver rain), projecting my desire for cookies whenever I’m unwell (the manfriend is recovering from knee surgery now and still can’t walk), or a combination of soreness and withdrawal (I’m taking bootcamp classes five days a week and following their nutrition guide that bans caffeine, dairy, wheat and sugar).

Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s pumpkin bran muffins, from Vegan Brunch, are ridiculously easy. They’re also delicious. They have pumpkin and bran and whole wheat flour in them, so I’d like to think they’re also reasonably healthy. (Which is good, because I cheated on my eating plan to try a bite… or three. Can you blame me?)

This a rut I don’t mind staying in.

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