living the dream, kids.

Growing up is a funny thing.

I like that I’m the youngest in my family, the youngest of my friends and the youngest employee at my company. I feel like it gives me an excuse to be immature. Of course, I have a degree, a corporate job, a dog and bills to pay. But I still occasionally catch myself wondering what I want life to be like when I grow up.

When I was (actually) little, I was as indecisive as I am now, and never had one career path mapped out for myself. I thought I’d be a veterinarian, an architect, a stand-up comedian or a chocolatier. None of those are related to what I do now, or to what I would go into if I were looking at career options today. Of course, when I was little, I thought that cutting and pasting outdated magazine photos onto poster boards would be a particularly useful life skill. As would knowing how to make jewelry out of pasta, make animals from Plasticine (although that did come in handy when I started cake decorating) and do long division.

Or any math without a calculator, come to think of it.

But I also had some good ideas. I thought I would stay up late every night reading Agatha Christie novels, never play soccer or field hockey again, eat ice cream for breakfast, and my grocery shops would consist of nothing but candy.

I’ve managed to avoid field hockey, I read all the Agatha Christie novels that were available at the local library by the time I finished grade eight, and I have been known to go to the grocery store and buy nothing but obscene amounts of candy. I did end up playing soccer as part of an office team last year, however, where it actually turned out to be a good thing that I played as a kid since I wasn’t the worst on the field (thanks Mom) and I actually kindof enjoyed it.

Which leaves having ice cream for breakfast.

Since I’m not a fan of following recipes at the best of times, never mind first thing in the morning, I just threw together some ice-cream-esque ingredients in my Vitamix, scooped the result into a thermos and off I went to work. I got brain freeze, but it was worth it.

Vegan Soft Serve Strawberry Ice Cream


Two cups frozen strawberries
Two cups soy milk (or, if you’re feeling indulgent – and really, ice cream for breakfast? That’s what this is all about – I bet coconut cream would be amazing). Freeze the milk in an ice cube tray ahead of time if you’re more organized than me.


Blend. Scoop. Eat.

3 thoughts on “living the dream, kids.

  1. Again, anything you make looks yummy ^_^
    I love eating ice cream for breakfast, it’s cold and refreshing 🙂
    By the way, I made cookies today and it was alright, I think using hazelnut butter is not a good idea…I should stick with peanut butter, oh well live and learn:)

    Love your posts, keep it coming

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