my first commission

I got my first baking commission!

One of the girls at work was hosting a leaving party for a friend of hers that was moving to California, and asked me to make cupcakes. She left the decoration up to me, although she suggested something dog-related since they used to walk their dogs together.

Figuring I would pipe icing onto the cupcakes and then stick dogbone-shaped cookies on top, I set out to find a dogbone cookie cutter (I have a large collection of obscure animals, two variations on palm trees and a Volkswagen beetle among many other things, but no dogbone. Go figure.) I went to three different cooking stores on my lunch break, but couldn’t find one. Since I only had two days to make the cupcakes, I decided I would improvise instead.

I used a Martha Stewart vanilla cupcake recipe, and made Wilton buttercream icing that I tinted light yellow. When it came time to decorate, I found some little red balls in a Christmas decoration set, and white, pink and red hearts from a bottle of Valentine’s sprinkles. I pulled out the red hearts and turned them upside down, and then added the little red balls to make little pawprints.

I was pretty happy with the final result.

My mom gave all the extras to friends that were giving her rides to physio and bringing her food, with the pronouncement “my daughter is a professional baker now!” I wish, Mom.

Don’t tell Dad.

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