I did my first half marathon!

Considering it was my first one, I signed up eight months ago and promptly forgot about it, I didn’t train, I’d never run further than 8 km consecutively, and I stopped halfway for fifteen minutes to meet a friend who wanted to take photos and lost my momentum, it went pretty well. The run had great energy, awesome cheering stations, and even when I was in excruciating shin-splint pain around the 18 km mark, I knew I was going to run it again next year. I crossed the finish line, started crying, and then couldn’t walk for two days. Two weeks later, my second toenail is still purple (sorry, I probably shouldn’t have shared that on a food blog. Whatever you do, don’t Google second toe).

It was an amazing experience.

The evening of the run was a sunset festival, which I went to with my friend that took the photos. We did a powerful yoga class with thousands of other people, led by the inspirational Ryan Leier, and stayed for a few Xavier Rudd songs.

Before the sunset festival, in keeping with my healthy runner-yogi day, I made this delicious green smoothie. I won’t lie; it tastes healthy. But what did you expect from a girl who ran 21.1km on a whim, and then had one of the most fun yoga classes of her life dancing around pretending to be a bird? (I blame runner’s high…)

Green Smoothie


two handfuls of spinach
one handful of arugula live micro-greens (in Vancouver you can get the Local Garden brand in lots of grocery stores, but if you can’t find them use normal arugula instead. Or some other lettuce. Or more spinach. Or whatever)
one apple, cored
four celery stalks
one cup coconut water
two baby cucumbers


Blend everything up super well (you’re going to want a high-powered blender like a Vitamix for this one, or you might end up with weird little bits of weird little greens). Alternatively, juice.
Drink. Run. Fly.

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