petits amours

As aforementioned, I have a ways to go to complete my New Year’s resolutions.

I decided to try macarons next, because they’re miniature and adorable and French and delicious, and even though perfect versions are readily available for purchase all over Vancouver, what would be the fun in that? Besides, they’re expensive, and it seems I can never pass up an opportunity for a kitchen disaster.

My first attempt was using Thomas Keller’s recipe from Bouchon Bakery, and kitchen disaster I got. I was initially going to post my failed attempt anyway, with a cheeky title such as “look ma, no feet!” (Yes, I do think I’m so clever). You know those macaron-trouble-shooter guides? I had every issue in the book. They were domed, had no feet, had peaks on top and were porous. They actually tasted pretty good, but I wanted to try again.

This time, I used David Lebovitz’s recipe, because he tried seven iterations and finally promised perfection.

I wouldn’t say I achieved perfection, but I came thrillingly close. (The tops of my macarons were slightly uneven – I didn’t hit the tray against the counter hard enough to settle them before baking). I did, however, get perfect feet. When I pulled out the first tray, I kid you not, I started jumping up and down, saying “I got feet! I got feet!” The manfriend is accustomed to my odd behaviour by now and just ignored me.

I had leftover caramelized white chocolate (David Lebovitz again, that man is a genius) from my tuile sandwiches (Jam! Tuile! Macarons! That’s three New Year’s resolutions in a row!) so I used that for my filling, and then wrapped and stored my macarons in the fridge overnight to let the flavours mature, as per Thomas Keller’s recommendation (if you do this step, let them come to room temperature before serving).

Au final, je suis ravi.

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