Monday mantra

Be in love with the little things.

Single-serving packages of baby carrots. Cute dish towels (with all the horse markings). Colorful rainboots. Black and white photos. Someone letting you have their pen, because it’s your favorite kind and your office doesn’t stock them anymore. Cuddling in the morning. Cuddling at night. Getting to the cashier and finding that the item is cheaper than the ticket price. String cheese. Being bought coffee. (Finally) being able to hold the ends of your hair over your lip in a mustache (for serious. It took me about 6 months to get it). Sparkles. Heart-shaped heirloom tomatoes. Laughing so hard you cry. The kindness of strangers. Your favorite song coming on the radio. Rice Krispie squares.

I use the classic Rice Krispies recipe, except instead of six cups of cereal I probably use closer to ten. I coated these ones with the last of my caramelized white chocolate and flaked sea salt.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, y’all.

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