wardrobe malfunctions

A few nights ago I was cleaning up the mountain of clothes on the floor next to my bed, in an effort to find something in my possession I could actually wear. (Can somebody please explain to me how I can have no closet space left and am rapidly losing floor space, and yet still have nothing to wear to work? And no, doing laundry is not the answer).

In the midst of cleaning, I found an almost-full box of Girl Guide thin mints underneath my bedside table. It’s not a mystery how they got there. The mystery is how I managed to forget they were there.

In Canada, we only get two kinds of girl guide cookies (I have mixed feelings about that one. Ultimately it’s probably a good thing.) We get the normal chocolate and vanilla cookie-on-top, cookie-on-the-bottom, filled with icing cookies in the spring, and we get the thin mints in the fall. Nothing says Christmas is just around the corner like that peppermint and chocolate combination. I love thin mints.

They changed them in recent years, however, to include a layer of minty goo (After Eight style – I love those too. Sometimes, way back when my oma was babysitting me late into the evening, she’d let me pick one from the box and eat it while we watched Jeopardy. Having someone else in control of the box was a much safer way to do things.) Despite loving After Eights, I’m somewhat unhealthily averse to change. Particularly in regard to cookies. I’m going to be a crotchety old grandmother one day, grumbling about how one should really only ever use the Quaker Oats can recipe for oatmeal cookies, and the Hershey’s classic recipe for the chocolate chip variety.

Anyway, thin mints. I make mine like the original: chocolate wafer cookie, chocolate coating. Tastes like mint. No goo. Delicious and impossible to forget a box of them under some furniture somewhere. Come to think of it, I may have just answered my question about why I have nothing to wear: I eat a lot of cookies. Nothing fits.

But I still think these cookies are worth it.

Homemade Thin Mints (incidentally vegan)

Everything in this recipe will depend on how much you want to make. I’m not going to limit you with ingredient amounts. Make extra to give away as part of your Christmas baking. Make extra to eat all by yourself. Go crazy.


a box or two or ten of oreos
tons of dark chocolate
peppermint extract


Line a baking sheet or two with parchment or wax paper. Set aside.
Twist your oreo cookies in half. Get rid of the icing. (For me, that’s the garbage. For you, that may be your mouth. I won’t judge).
Melt the chocolate. Stir some peppermint extract (I start with a ratio of about a teaspoon per pound of chocolate, taste it and add more peppermint or chocolate as necessary).
Dip your oreos in the chocolate. Make sure they’re all covered.
Set on the baking sheet until the chocolate has hardened (once I’ve filled the sheet, I throw it in the fridge).

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