two Christmas lists

Things I should do less:

Worry about being stabbed while walking down the street. Or on the bus. And dying slowly and no one noticing and riding the bus in loops all day with everyone just thinking I’m sleeping, until the driver goes back to the bus depot for the night and finds my cold dead body. That might be a slightly irrational fear. It’s far more likely that no one would notice my death if someone were to give me a lethal injection rather than stab me.

Get road rage. Start yelling. While I’m driving my miata, with the convertible top down.

Say inappropriate things.

Think that texting counts as talking. It doesn’t. Let’s make time to do this face to face. Preferably over brunch. I’ll make pizza and hot chocolate.

Eat McDonald’s. After a night of excessive drinking. Also not after a night of excessive drinking.

Things I should do more:

Thank my mother and the rest of the parenting team (it takes a village, etc., etc.) for greatly improving my chances at turning out to be a semi-functional adult.

Thank the manfriend and other friends, acquaintances and coworkers for putting up with me in the meantime, since I am totally not there yet.

Thank you for reading my endless ramblings.

Make shortbread to show my heartfelt thanks to everyone.

Tell you all how much I freaking love you for everything you’ve done so far and continue to do. You are amazing. I wish you all an incredible Christmas and/or holiday season.

These Rosemary and Toasted-Caraway Shortbread cookies are beautiful and grown-up and unexpected. Recipe here.

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