I’m back in the rain now and dreaming about Perth. The manfriend, on the other hand, is clearly not dreaming about Perth. He woke me up at 3am last night by whacking me on the back, and as I sat up trying to figure out what was going on he leaned over me to check the floor, then threw all the pillows and covers around, searching for something. When I asked him what the hell was going on, he said “damn cats!” and then lay down and went back to sleeping like a normal person.

This is why I have to drink a lot of coffee.

Anyway, Perth. Technically we stayed in Cottesloe, a beach town about a half an hour drive from Perth. It was hot and sunny and windy and sharky. We were lying on the beach one day and the shark siren went off, and I looked around for the fire truck as everyone else ran out of the water. Don’t take the Canadian to shark-infested waters.

We also visited penguins(!) on the appropriately-named Penguin Island, which I have to admit were not as thrilling as the penguins on the less-appropriately named Phillips Island (near Melbourne – more on that later). But I’ll take what I can get. We also took a ferry to Rottnest Island and rented bikes, where through a fortunate set of circumstances we ended up with electric bikes and the manfriend’s didn’t work, so for the first time ever I could actually keep up with him. Thank you, Rottnest Island. Also on the island are cute giant rat / miniature kangaroo things, called Quokka. They’re pretty sweet. Otherwise, not much there other than tourists and some pretty gorgeous beaches.

Back in Cottesloe, I have to recommend Barchetta for amazing food, and probably the best restaurant view ever. We watched the sun set over a glass or two of wine and some grilled salmon, and I was so jetlagged that I missed out on dessert. Biggest regret of the trip right there. A few blocks down the street is Il Lido, another restaurant worth mentioning. It’s a little more casual – kindof a funky rustic Italian – and their menu fooled me into ordering a salad (apparently “Light Meals” means salad, even though the word salad is never mentioned. Nor is the word lettuce). It was a delicious salad though, so I’m not going to hold a grudge.

My mother is still always telling me I should eat more greens anyway.

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