take the week off

It’s been a week and a half since I got home. My tan is fading by the minute. I already feel like I haven’t had a vacation in months.

My eyeballs hurt. The computer screen seems unnaturally bright. Can we turn that down a bit? Also, I sat down in my desk chair at the office yesterday and looked for my seat belt.

I still haven’t had a haircut. It’s been ten months now.

I last saw my wallet at my mom’s house before my trip to Australia. I was looking for it a few days ago and found my favourite belt that I hadn’t seen in over a year. This doesn’t bode well for my wallet. I do have the important stuff (my driver’s licence and my visa and my car keys) but I’d still really like to have the rest back (there’s a gift card to the yoga studio in there that I could totally use right now. Or the gift card to the liquor store. Yeah… that one would be ideal right about now.)

I lost my glasses way back in November… also somewhere between my apartment and my mom’s house. I firmly believe they’re hidden somewhere safe in one of my houses, so I refuse to buy new ones. It’s been a few months longer than necessary of me staring at people on the street thinking they look familiar until they’re a metre away and I realize I don’t actually know them and I’ve been staring for far longer is appropriate. I’m a total creep. I’m sorry.

But that’s okay. I made my favourite chocolate chip cookies again. I wore pyjama pants and ate them and watched Girls and forgot about what a hot mess I am.

I used this recipe, but with chocolate chunks and shavings and m&ms instead of regular chips.

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