Melbourne is a pretty cool city. It’s sortof what I think Vancouver would be like if Vancouver was a bit warmer and people weren’t so concerned about wearing shoes in public. I’m talking about barefoot grocery shopping. It’s kindof silly.

We visited a few of my aunts and uncles and cousins. My uncle made homemade roti canai and the cousins looked at embarrassing childhood pictures of our trips to Malaysia and I asked my cousin whom is almost finished vet school if you were bitten by a spider in your sleep would you wake up or would you sleep through it and therefore not get the anti-venom in time and therefore die. He didn’t know. I’m still scared of spiders.

We didn’t really eat many exceptional meals in Melbourne, apart from at my uncle’s house, which I can’t really recommend because he has a day job and probably can’t accommodate cooking for strangers every evening with no notice. My favourite restaurant dinner was at a Mexican place on Glen Huntly Road, a few blocks east of the Classic Cinema movie theatre (not exceptionally helpful, I know, I’m sorry). The manfriend and I drank champagne and kissed on New Year’s Eve at Abbey Road Cafe on Acland Street, which was quiet but fun and shortly after midnight they served mini ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread, which greatly appealed to my drunken inner child.

If you make it to Melbourne, I highly, highly recommend taking a day-trip (lots of tours are available) out to Phillip Island to see the little penguins. We didn’t have time this trip, but three years ago the tour we took stopped at a koala sanctuary, a chocolate factory, The Nobbies (for a beautiful boardwalk and fur seals), a small beach town and finally the Penguin Parade to watch the penguins all return at dusk from fishing and waddle up the beach to their homes. It’s magical.

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