this little piggy


Sausages in bread…

…Sausages in buns.

Buns in the oven? No no no.

Weiners rolled up.

Rolled up hot dogs.

Mini hot dog rolls?

Pigs! Pigs in buns! Wait.

Pigs in… in… sheep’s clothing?

No, that’s wolves. Focus.

…Pigs in bundles?

Pigs in blankets!


Welcome to my disjointed mind. That’s actually how I think. Scary, right? Let’s get out of my brain now. Let’s make pigs in blankets instead.

My blankets were made of pretzel dough. I used this recipe but wrapped the strings of dough around 16 hot dog halves instead of making pretzel shapes. I also kneaded the dough by hand because I figured that would count as an upper-body workout and I could skip the gym. And now you know it’s totally possible.


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