idiosyncratic tendencies

I’m not an easy person to live with. There are a couple things I do that drive the manfriend nuts. (Actually, there’s probably more than a couple things, but let’s ease into this one).


Ziploc bags. I have a thing for them. When I was little my mom would make me reuse Ziploc bags (but not even real Ziploc bags, we’d get the no-name brand with the stiff plastic and poorly-sealing zippers) in my packed lunches. Monday’s trail mix would be fine. Tuesday’s saltine crackers were also okay. Wednesday’s carrots would have a few crumbs stuck to them; I could deal. Thursday’s cucumber would taste a little bit like carrots, with some mushy crumbs. Less fine. Friday’s sandwich would just be wet.

Totally not okay.

It’s resulted in an obsessive need to compartmentalize everything. Grapes and carrots each go in separate Ziploc bags (the real Ziploc brand ones). Cookies go in a third. Bags are only reused if the contents were dry and the crumbs are shaken out, and the new contents are also dry.


The other thing I don’t like to do: put condiments in the fridge. One block of butter belongs on the counter so it can live at room temperature, ready for spreading on toast without ripping the bread apart, and baking whenever inspiration strikes. Peanut butter also stays out of the fridge; that’s a spreadability issue as well. Our maple syrup lived in the pantry and grew spores.



You know why the manfriend still puts up with me? I make him homemade bagels.


Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

Recipe here


On a completely unrelated note, I ate an entire chocolate bunny while I was writing this – and totally got called out on it (“so what’s going on with that hunk of half-eaten chocolate sitting on a post-it note?” erm…). It’s not Easter for another whole month.


But I thought you should know, in case you were eating a chocolate bunny too… it’s totally okay. We’re in this together.

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