bad mom

So I thought I was doing pretty well at life.

I mean, besides eating ungodly amounts of Easter chocolate. That doesn’t count.


But I was going to spin class and training for circus and mostly eating well (this blog really doesn’t help) and if I sucked in my stomach first thing in the morning and leaned at just the right angle, you could almost see abdominal muscles (key word: almost). Work was going wonderfully. I was doing my best to be a good mom: when I took the rat-dog to the vet a couple months ago, he had gained a pound (which, you’ll have to admit, is a fair amount for a previously-7-pound animal). So, since then, I’d been making a huge effort to not give him any human food and to take him on long walks as often as possible. We went on a four-hour walk the other day – I thought we were doing okay.


As an aside, the manfriend and I were discussing (toward the end of this four-hour walk) if he was away and I died in the apartment whether or not Russell would eat my dead body to stay alive. D figures that if we consistently leave the bag of dog food in the same spot, Russell has a pretty good chance of tearing that open and eating that instead. So we’re now doing that.



Then a friend came over a few days ago and the first thing he said was, “has Russell gained weight?” I must have given him a look because he immediately corrected “well, you know… healthy fat.”

So. Instead of the post I initially intended to be about dog cookies, you get a post about human cookies.

This might be a win for all of us.


Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies (vegan)
Recipe here


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