the road to Hana (Maui), Hawaii

The road to Hana is paved. I’ll give it that.


When I told my dad and stepmom that I was going to Maui, my stepmom (appropriately) responded “you’re going to love it! It’s beautiful! There are lots of flowers!” My dad, on the other hand, told me to make sure to bring my allergy pills: “not only are there flowers and trees, there are flowering trees.”

I think most people would consider this a positive.

There were also incredible bamboo forests (the noises they make as the wind passes through are beautifully eerie), tall and short and wide and narrow and tiered and roaring and trickling waterfalls, black and white and red sand beaches, and no large tropical spiders.

Definitely a positive.

We only at one meal at a restaurant in Hana (Thai Food by Pranee), which was authentic and rustic and delicious, and I cooked the rest of our meals. As such, my main recommendations are not related to food. If you make the windy drive to Hana, make sure to walk the Pipiwai Trail to the Waimoku Falls, stop for a (pre-packed) picnic lunch at Wai’anapanapa State Park, laze around at Hamoa Beach, and wear lots and lots (and lots) of bug repellent.

Blog post on the rest of Maui coming soon. I’m putting off acknowledging that I’m back in the real world as long as I can.


Final thoughts: the manfriend is always telling me he can track my hobbies by the photos I make him take of me on vacation. This one is for the record books.


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