West Maui, Hawaii

It’s a good day when you wake up to this.


Both of our breakfasts in Lahaina were at Choice Health Bar. The manfriend got really excited about their kombucha on tap, while I had a chocolate smoothie.

No bonus points for guessing which one of us is the dessert blogger.

Because this is still America, we also had ridiculously gigantic breakfast acai bowls and grabbed some raw vegan snacks to go – any vegan, health nut, person who is concerned about how they’re going to look in a swimsuit, or squirrel should definitely eat here.

Our anniversary dinner was at Lahaina Grill. A better location with a view of the beach wouldn’t have hurt, but this is one of those places that you don’t go to for the view – the food is outstanding. Besides, they sat us right next to the pastry chef’s station.

That’s my kind of scenery.

Our last stop on the western side of the island was Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop. The queue was out the door, for good reason. We grabbed sandwiches and salad and pie for the drive to Hana.

Sadly (this is where I lamely attempt to circle back to my opening statement), I didn’t wake up to a beach outside my balcony today. We didn’t have time while we were in Maui to go to a luau or get up to the Haleakala crater though, so I have the perfect excuse to go back soon.

I can’t wait.

One thought on “West Maui, Hawaii

  1. I know this is _wicked old_, but I wanted to write to agree with your comment about Lahaina Grill. That was the best food I had on Maui! Other than it, I thought it was mostly ‘merican food. 😦

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