home sweet home

By the time I made it back to my hotel for my last night in Beijing, I was ready to get out of China.


I totally get that in a country with well over a billion people, you have to fight to make yourself seen and heard. But after seven days of travel for five days of work, I lost patience with people pushing in front of me at the baggage carousel when their bags were nowhere in sight, people creeping up on either side of me while waiting in line, and people interrupting the staff already assisting me at reception and information desks.


By lost patience, of course, I mean in the Canadian sense: I quietly dealt with waiting in line, a key card that didn’t work, being put in a smoking-friendly hotel room, and tried to relax by having a hot shower.

But when my hair dryer only shot out cold air, I finally gave up and cried.


I never fail to love parts of China, and when I’m not exhausted the whole country can be magical. But sometimes it’s nice to just be home, where everyone speaks English and maintains wonderfully large amounts of personal space and apologizes for no reason and doesn’t have unreasonable amounts of phlegm and only the deaf yell all the time.

I know I’m being unfair, but it will pass. I’ll tell you about all the amazing things I experienced soon. In the meantime, I’m welcoming myself back to Vancouver with heaps of maple syrup.

Home sweet home.


Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

Recipe available at the PPK

Love notes: I (obviously) added blueberries. Also, use a cast iron pan if at all possible. I was making a large batch and had a non-stick frying pan and a cast iron skillet both going at once, and the cast iron pancakes were at least twice as fluffy.


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