oh the shame

Summer is coming.

And by that I mean it’s already here.


When did this happen? It seems to have snuck up on me while I was sleeping through bootcamp. I’m not ready, friends. Not ready at all.

So I slunk back to bootcamp last week for the first time in three months. I was expecting public shaming, or at the very least a “where have you been?!” But all I got was an enthusiastic “welcome back” and smiles from everyone.



Then, halfway through the warm-up, I realized why there was no need for public shaming. I don’t remember a lap around the football stadium being quite so far. I don’t remember 15 pounds being quite so heavy. I don’t remember having to go down to my knees during a set of push-ups or needing water breaks between every set.

Amy didn’t need to publicly shame me – I did that all by myself.


So let’s see if I can catch up with summer. Vancouver only gets two months of beach weather per year; it would be a crime to miss out. We’re trying to eat healthy these days.

Don’t worry, this probably won’t last long.



My weekday go-to dinner. Quick and reasonably healthy.

You can play with these – add what you like, take out what you don’t. I’m just listing what I usually put in mine.

tortillas – corn or wheat (I like wheat tortillas or corn hard-shell tacos)
sour cream (Tofutti makes a great vegan one if that’s what you’re into)
cheddar cheese, grated
romaine lettuce, torn into bite-sized pieces
tomatoes, seeds removed, diced
refried beans
canned black beans (if I’m not doing vegetarian, I’ll use ground bison – or beef – mixed with a bit of taco seasoning)
red and yellow peppers, seeds removed, diced


Not sure these are really necessary. Pile and roll. Eat and repeat.


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