even technology thinks I’m a loser


Have you discovered Songza yet? It might be the most helpful techie robot thing ever, and I’m not even a music person.

It’s definitely got one up on Genius though – I mean, what kind of name is that? A little modesty wouldn’t kill you.


Songza wants to know what I’m doing before it tells me what to listen to. And it also never tells me there aren’t enough related songs in my library. (Genius, meet the internet.) Songza is more open-minded than that. It even gives me country and rap in the same playlist.

And it doesn’t just play rap. It plays dangerously catchy, angry rap. When I listen at work there’s a serious risk of me gangster-walking down the hallway and quoting 50 Cent and Lil Wayne and Iggy Azalea (I got one less problem without ya).

I’m kindof enjoying the extra self-confidence.


Sometimes, I’ll admit, it does do things that make me a bit sad. Like when I was looking for a playlist on a Saturday night, and it suggested “songs for stalking your ex on the internet.” I’m not sure where you get these ideas, Songza. But I suppose I was staying home on a Saturday night to make (and eat) chocolate chip cookies by myself, so there’s only so much offence I can pretend to take.

And the playlist was actually really good.


The New York Times Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe claims to be the best ever. And it just might be – these were incredible.


Final thoughts: I wrote and pre-scheduled this post before I knew that Songza was going to be taken over by Google. It’s unfortunate timing, really, because if I’d had the foresight to post on the same day as the takeover (perhaps about an hour before the announcement?) I could have been hit with a wave of fame for being relevant and totally all over the technology kingdom. Which, of course, anyone who read the post would know isn’t really true (right? I just called it a kingdom, people).

But there’s always the chance I would get famous for being a gangster.

Anyway, let’s just hope that Google doesn’t ruin Songza by replacing its DJ mixed-tapes with algorithms (which I only know from reading articles about the takeover). In any case it does make me a bit happier to know that the songs for stalking your ex on the internet were selected by a real person… we’re not alone out here just yet.

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