silly girls


I spend a lot of time flip-flopping between thinking I’m really girly and thinking I’m way too much like a guy.

You’d think I don’t have enough to keep me busy on a day-to-day basis.


But if I look back at my baby pictures, I’m pretty sure my parents wanted a boy. I’m in all these photos with other little babies my age, and all the girls are in fluffy pink tutus and pink knitted beanies. I’m wearing overalls and a train conductor hat.


When I was a little older, maybe 7 or so, I played with Lego, a train set, and a construction tool kit (made specifically for kids). I did own a couple Barbies, but when I was at my dad’s house, I had to play with them in my closet.


I guess my parents got their wish, since I’m now an engineer. But I try to be a girly engineer – my steel-toed boots have hot pink laces; I wear makeup and dresses to the office pretty much year round; I took up the most feminine extra-curricular activities I could find. The one thing I can’t do? Long fingernails.


I run into girls all the time who have these long, brightly coloured claws. If I don’t cut my nails for a week I can’t function. My nail beds get sore from typing, one nail digs into another finger when I hold a pen, I end up out in public with bread dough and muffin batter under my nails, I accidentally draw blood on myself (and others), and I can’t grip anything to save my life.

It’s probably also very difficult to punch anyone. I like to be prepared.

…That’s a boy scouts thing, isn’t it.


One thing I do that is definitely girly? Make pie.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie, to be exact.

Recipe here


3 thoughts on “silly girls

  1. I was just thinking about some girls with long nails, how they do it? I go nuts if I don’t cut mine short. I grew up with two brothers, even they tell me I am not girly enough, that I am a Tomboy. I always stole theirs cars and legos šŸ˜€

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