cheesy peasy

When I was little, I always wanted to use up an entire pen.

It never happened. Between losing pens and acquiring new ones (I seem to have a slight klepto tendency with pens), I don’t think I ever made it through half of the ink. And then last year, in the middle of a cheese-making class, it finally happened.

It was a lot less exciting than I thought it would be. Because I didn’t have a back-up, and couldn’t take notes.


Now that I look at how many notes I did actually take, isn’t that hard to believe that I ran out of ink. But I did have a few moments of blind panic, and I kept momentarily stealing the girls next to me’s pens to scribble something down. At one point one girl tried to tell me that what the teacher was saying was already in the booklet we were given (which was half true – but my notes were very detailed). I looked at her, smiled, and kept writing.

The class was put on by Save-On Meats in the downtown east side of Vancouver. The teacher, David (Dah-veed, as in the French version of the name, which for sure made the class more legit), lives in the Gulf Islands making cheese from his neighbours’ goats, and occasionally comes to the mainland to teach others how to make cheese. Pet goats not required.


We made our own paneer, and David demonstrated how to make cheese curds, soft yoghurt cheese, and the starting base for Camembert. While he talked, he drank from a glass of whey, which is the stuff that collects on the top of yoghurt.

…also known as the stuff I always pour down the drain.

Apologies for the over-exposure... I was new to using my camera.

It appears that David is currently taking a break from teaching, but if you’re in the Vancouver area and looking to learn something new, I would suggest Save-On Meats or The Dirty Apron Cooking School.

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