dear internet,

You make me sad.


There are a lot of jobs on this earth I wouldn’t want to do. Art historian? Not remotely interested. Nurse? I admire the heck out of them; I could never do it myself. Model? I like eating way too much. The guy that cleans the pole between strippers? Umm… yeah.


Another one to add to the list: web developer.

The Whole Life Challenge website broke down early on day 2, and social media was flooded with angry comments. The guys in charge put up an apology and an explanation for the confusing bits, and people tore them a couple new ones in the comments section of that too.


Come on, people. Aside from the obvious irony of being incredibly negative in and about a challenge that’s supposed to be making you a better person, have you ever tried coding? That shit is hard. Also, have you ever seen the internet? It’s pretty freaking amazing. I can pull up a page with almost ten million results on pineapples in 0.31 seconds. I can confirm that the blue-footed booby is, in fact, a real bird (although it doesn’t make it any less creepy when someone compares you to one on an escalator). I can even adopt one. (Birthday present, anyone?)

Anyway. Can we please stop being so mean to each other just because we aren’t face to face?



Blueberry Hazelnut Salad (vegan)



half cup blueberries
one tablespoon maple syrup
two tablespoons balsamic vinegar
one third cup olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


one cup barley
one cup vegetable broth
two cups water
four cups baby kale
one cup blueberries
one cup hazelnuts


In a blender or food processor, blend all dressing ingredients until well mixed. Set aside.
In a rice cooker, combine barley, broth and water. Cook per rice cooker instructions. (You can also do this in a saucepan, but maybe Google directions on that as I have no personal experience with it.)
Combine everything and serve immediately.


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