one month later

As a wrap-up to the Whole Life Challenge, we were instructed to write ourselves a letter that would be delivered to our email inboxes after a self-determined amount of time. Knowing that I would be starting the Challenge again on May 2 and that this spring would be full of changes, I opted to have my letter delivered to me after only a month. Below is my letter.

11054694_10153163841463817_2028687060_o (1)

Dear Future Me,

2015 is the year you made changes. You proved to yourself that you could do the nutrition aspect of the Whole Life Challenge without lying about it. You ended a safe and loving relationship that wasn’t enough for you – and that’s okay. You were figuring out what you needed to do next and I hope you’re on the path to doing those things.

I want you to remember what it feels like to commit to things and get them done. That you have the ability to improve yourself if you set your mind to it. Remember how your abs looked after six weeks of eating clean, and how awful it felt to eat sugar and drink alcohol. The nutrition aspect of the Challenge worked. The stretching aspect of the Challenge worked. Don’t give up on these.

I also want to remind you to be a better person. Don’t stop here.

Train hard for Ringmasters, continue to eat well, put energy into your relationships with friends and family, be more open. Take criticisms and learn from them. Be supportive, be empathetic, be brave, be magnanimous.

Read Tiny Beautiful Things often. Set goals. Accept compliments. Laugh hard. Revel in the small things. Be present at the dinner table. Most importantly, be kind.

You’ve got this, darling.
All my love.

11033166_10153161220773817_577092245_oPhotography credit: Adam Menzies of Upsidedown Photography

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