throwback thursday

A few weeks ago, balanced on top of a tall nesting table trying to get my camera perfectly square to a baking sheet on top of a smaller nesting table and trying to figure out how I could adjust the blinds at the same time to get the lighting just right, I started wondering when I decided that cooking was something I enjoyed, and why I felt the need to photograph every batch of cookies, find something clever to say to go with it, and post it on the interwebs.

Because that doesn’t sound fun at all.

I think part of this journey can be traced back to baking chocolate chip cookies in elementary school. Another part can be blamed on my brother buying me my first polaroid camera. Another part can be attributed to my last relationship, where I did all of the cooking for almost six years.

And another part, which I don’t think I’ve mentioned much on this blog, can be blamed on cake decorating.

I don’t do much cake decorating anymore, but there was a time when I took all of the Wilton cake decorating courses, and made reasonably pretty cakes for all sorts of dubious occasions.

I’m in the midst of moving now and haven’t had a chance to bake anything in the new place yet, but here are a few photos of how this all got started.






EWeek Cake2



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