Toronto, again and again and again

Toronto was, as always, a fantastic time.

We left the airport during an extended layover on the way to Portugal, and spent the day wandering around aimlessly (or, at times, with the aim of finding something that was not remotely close to where I expected it to be) and eating and drinking. During the 12-hour venture into the city, I racked up over 40,000 steps, as my fitbit (also known as the device tracking my early downward trajectory into middle age) informs me.

A few resulting recommendations:
Fran’s, for a very professional breakfast of chocolate chip waffles.
Bakeryhaus, for the custard croissants.
Scheffler’s in the St. Lawrence Market, for pepperoni sticks.
The Distillery District, for Soma Chocolatier and cool furniture shops and brick everything.
Soco in the Delta Hotel, for drinks (though the drinks were excellent, the company was better… Cheers Dave!)
G for Gelato, for possibly the best gelato I’ve ever had, and I don’t say that lightly. (In the spirit of full disclosure, however, I will note that I had been depriving myself of gelato in the name of the Whole Life Challenge for the past six weeks).

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