Portugal beckons

Just outside of Lisbon, there’s a town called Sintra.

It was pretty awesome.

We traipsed around some rich dude’s summer home and through a palace that contained the most magnificent kitchen I’ve ever seen (the first thing that has made me regret not being born a royal in the 1800s).

We ate lots and walked lots and, if you get the chance, I highly recommend visiting.


Pena Palace – one of the best palaces I’ve been to (and yes, I’ve experienced the palace fatigue of many a European vacation).
Piriquita – a cool little patisserie in the old town centre. Try the travesseiros de Sintra, quinins, and queijadas de Sintra.
Tacho Real Restaurant Bar – the grilled sea bass was delicious, the ravioli was to die for.
Cantinho Gourmet – they’ll get you drunk on samples of Portuguese booze while you pick out souvenirs for friends back home.
Quinta da Regaleira – the rich dude’s summer home. He was a Freemason and the whole property is unreal.

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