Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon might be the ideal place for a vacation.

A lively, metropolitan city with a beautiful mix of modern buildings and traditional cobblestone roads and red roofs. Friendly locals, the requisite castles and churches, and stunning beaches less than an hour away.

And, of course, a few great restaurants.


We rented a studio apartment from Lisbon Oasis. It was clean and comfortable and the perfect location.
O Tasco do Vigario was a brilliant hole in the wall. I caved in and tried the Portuguese specialty – grilled sardines – and they were delicious. The servings are massive and the restaurant is always packed with local construction workers.
The best food of the trip was at Taberna sal Grosso. Note that you’ll need a reservation. The chef made recommendations – trust him! Everything was amazing – and the bill was cheap.
We went to Pasteis de Belem on the last day, which was lucky, because if I had tried their pasteis de Belem on the first day, I might not have eaten anything else for the rest of the trip.
The pastry cooking class at Cooking Lisbon was a ton of fun. I’ll be posting about making pasteis de nata soon.

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