vacation, part 2

A few weeks ago I posted some of our roadtrip photos with some tips for going on a camping roadtrip. I also promised to post the rest of our vacation photos soon. I’m finally getting around to it now.

…Better late than never?

So for those of you who love other people’s vacation photos, for those of you who read the last post and were like, “where the heck are the recommendations?” and for those of you who are Chris’s friends who got to this through Facebook (because for everything I post and tag him in, I get about 3 likes from his friends for every 1 of mine), here they are:


cannon beach oregon sunset

sunset at cannon beach oregon

sunset at cannon beach oregon

beach in oregon rocks

oregon scenery

oregon beach waves

trees and pacific ocean from oregon

sand dunes in florence oregon

bunny at cannon beach oregon

trees in cannon beach oregon

crater lake oregon

crater lake oregon


Sleepy Monk Coffee – Cannon Beach
Siuslaw National Forrest, Sutton Campgrounds – 3 miles north of Florence
Powell’s Books – Portland. Always and forever.

powell's city of books portland oregon


redwood trees in california redwood national park

handstands on the beach in california

view of san francisco and boats from tiburon california

california bay area sunset

ice cream in tiburon san francisco california

california driving scenery

yellow bellied marmot in yosemite national park california

tree at yosemite national park

lake at yosemite national park california

half dome yosemite national park

stop hot death valley


Everett and Jones BBQ – Oakland
The Waffle Roost (Food Truck) – Oakland and surrounds
Sam’s Anchor Cafe – Tiburon. I recommend the eggs benny, but not the waffles.
Powderface – Oakland. Don’t fall for it when someone asks you to smell the beignets. (I did.)
Yosemite National Park White Wolf Campground

death valley


No recommendations.

We basically drove straight through Nevada, but there was a beautiful lake (and an awesome neon sign that I didn’t take a photo of) in Hawthorne.

Tonopah, Nevada was the place where I felt simultaneously the best and worst I’d ever felt about myself. I was waiting in line to pay at a grocery store, when the girl behind me explained that it was so busy that day because food stamps had just been given out.

nevada scenery


seattle space needle and elephant ear from bumbershoot 2015


Pho Hiho – Seattle
Smarty Pants – Seattle

dog in the backseat of the car

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