back on track

banana bread muffins with streusel topping

I’m sort of getting back into the swing of things (by which I mean brain-dumping my random thoughts on the internet via this blog), helped out by my completion of school for the summer (my excitement over summer break is somewhat tempered by the fact that I still have to show up to my office eight hours a day, five days a week), and the Whole Life Challenge.

banana bread batter

I know a lot of my friends have been like “but why spend so much money on some online thing you could do yourself?” And I get it. The Whole Life Challenge is $24 USD (which, once you convert that to Canadian dollars, is probably about my annual salary) for returning players, and I’d love to take that money and spend it at the farmer’s market (I know; I’m turning into such a hippie). But I’ve tried before. I’ve made charts on posterboards and bought stickers and set reminders in my phone, and given up after three days. If I don’t pay for it, I don’t do it.


So here I am, a couple weeks in, and I’m (still) feeling pretty good about myself – though my overall happiness levels could (still) definitely be improved by some pizza. I’m motivated and encouraged and drinking my weight in water every day.

banana bread muffins with streusel topping

The only downside to the Challenge is not baking all the things I really want to bake. Like more of these banana streusel muffins I made a few weeks ago.

banana bread muffin with streusel topping

(I mean, I could bake them and not eat them, but doesn’t that sound a lot like setting up a Whole Life Challenger for failure? #askingforafriend.)

Recipe from Thomas Keller.

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