a week in the life


This week on the Whole Life Challenge (yeah, I’m doing it again), the lifestyle component of the challenge is to not use social media. I got a panicked text from my friend when they first announced it. She was capital-letters-absolutely NOT doing it. How was she going to get her news without Twitter?

I think she was looking for some commiseration.

My reply was “I think this is fantastic.”


It’s also very difficult. My fingers seem to automatically type in “fa” into an internet browser when my brain is idling. Google autofills in the rest for me.

I don’t need to be checking Facebook. I also don’t really care about what’s on it. It’s just a terrible mindless habit.

I have four jobs and school and I don’t need to be wasting time exercising my pointer fingers and developing eye strain. Instead, I could be using that time to make chocolate macarons filled with creamy, rich ganache.


The only French macaron recipe I am brave enough to use is here, and my recipe for ganache is here.

This time I separated my ganache into four bowls. I left one plain chocolate, added a few drops of orange extract to one, a few drops of mint extract to another, and about half a teaspoon of Mexican chili powder to the last. I suggest you do the same. The best part is that you can’t tell until you bite into them which is which.

I live for the littlest surprises.

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