Heps for Hearts: A Night at the Circus

west coast flying trapeze heps for hearts charity event heart and stroke foundation

Shit just got real.

As many of my friends and family know, over the past decade my mom has had two strokes, and my dad has suffered two heart attacks (and in August this year underwent a septuple bypass). It’s been on my project list for a long time to run a fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, for their amazing work in research and patient support.

And now, it’s happening. I’ve even got a website.

I guess that means I can’t back out now.

So, on Saturday, February 4th, 2017, I will be hosting Heps for Hearts: A Night at the Circus at West Coast Flying Trapeze. I am excited, overwhelmed at the amount of planning these things take, and so incredibly terrified that it won’t match the vision that I have in my head.

Which is why, while I’ll be plugging ticket sales soon (okay, if you want them now, get them here), right now I’m asking for help. If you happen to own or work (or know someone who works) at a business near Pitt Meadows, British Columbia that could donate, please reach out! I’m looking for catering (appies and drinks), equipment rentals (lighting, sound, tables, and chairs), and silent auction items. We’ll be promoting all sponsors in event communications, and may even be able to throw in a flying trapeze class or two. Please send me an email at kimmie@westcoastflyingtrapeze.com if you’re interested and able to help!

And, of course, please share – and attend! – this event.

Heartfelt thanks,

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