house building // home building


I fell off the wagon again. I apologize.

For about a month there, I was working 60 hours a week, and desperately trying to complete my final project for my Editing Certificate. All I was doing in the kitchen was boiling water for fluorescent chicken noodle soup and earl grey tea, in combination with grabbing handfuls of leftover Halloween candy.

Things may have been a little dire.


But! Then I finished school—for the foreseeable future, no less—and I made up for lost time in the kitchen.

I didn’t post anything in a timely manner, but, baby steps.


In the new year, I will be back to the usual hectic scrambling to organize my fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, learning and teaching and failing and succeeding at circus, and writing and writing and writing and reading too many articles on writing on

In the meantime, we’re gingerbread-housing the shit out of this joint.

And yes, I’m aware that it’s after Christmas, and that sentence doesn’t really make sense.

Sometimes I need a little reminder.

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