Wells Gray Provincial Park (Clearwater, BC)


When was the last time you saw a list of cool places on Facebook, and then just went?

When was the last time you shut off your cellphone for days at a time, canoed around a lake, hiked around waterfalls, and tried to spot deer and bears? We did spot a couple deer, but I wasn’t fast enough with my camera.

The forever human saw a picture of Helmcken Falls on some BuzzFeed list, and whether it was driven by the severe lack of recent time off, my increasing hatred and disappointment of how much time we spend on Facebook, or too much time on my friend Kalen’s instagram, I booked an AirBnB and planned a roadtrip.


(If that sounds spontaneous, it was and it wasn’t—I booked the rental property about 5 months ago.)

So last weekend, we finally escaped for a much-(much)-needed vacation, away from the internet and cell phone service and other humans. It was everything I wanted and needed it to be, and I’ve spent the last week scanning through pictures on my phone from the trip—these photos tell the story better than I ever could in words.


If you’ve ever thought about exploring BC, go. If you’ve ever thought about driving north and getting lost (but maybe not that lost) in the woods, go. If you need somewhere to stay, Dan and Lucy have an amazing property and I can’t recommend their place enough.

Go explore.

Drinking a beer in a canoe on Beaver Lake in Roots sweatpants. Does it get any more Canadian than that?

3 thoughts on “Wells Gray Provincial Park (Clearwater, BC)

  1. nice! looks really relaxing, that’s one of the best things about Canada the outdoors is amazing…and your pictures look like scenes from the notebook haha…happy blogging

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