true north strong and free

Two months ago, I bundled up the forever human, a bunch of bedding, and way too much junk food in the truck and headed off to Clearwater, BC to see Helmcken Falls.

It took half a day of being there before I was determinedly planning our next cell-reception-free getaway.

dirt road grass and tree

dirt road grass and tree

Canada celebrated its 150th birthday a few weeks ago, and while we missed all of the local municipalities’ celebrations, we spent Canada Day in a way that felt way more True North Strong and Free than a bunch of white and red cake and fireworks.

deadman lake bc

black horse on hill

(Also, I made sure we still had some white and red cake and fireworks.)

skull and fencing

The gravel road drive from the highway up to the ranch was over an hour long, and we saw a few marmots, deer, and a fox before we arrived.

deer in meadow

deer in meadow

Staying at the ranch was more like spending the weekend at an adult petting zoo — the owners had two cows, four horses, and ten pigs.

horses at ranch
If you look closely, you can see birds perched on the backs of 2 of the horses.

cow in field

The pigs reminded me a lot of our French bulldog.

The mosquitoes, on the other hand, treated us like their personal petting zoo… or, more accurately, their buffet. Running out of bug spray and afterbite halfway through the trip was a definite downside.

top of deadman falls

deadman falls
Deadman Falls – perhaps not as large as Helmcken Falls, but still very impressive. And we had the whole place to ourselves, mid-gorgeous-Sunday on a long weekend.

We were supposed to stay in a tipi, but were moved to a log cabin because there were too many bears prowling around. Welcome to the Canadian wilderness, eh?

lake in deadman valley

meadow with horses trees and lake

I loved being out of the city and I loved getting away from the endless unconscious checking of social media, but it was so nice to get home. We spent our last evening cuddled up in bed (in our bug-free home!) with the dogs, eating pizza and binge-watching Grace & Frankie (there are advantages to having wifi). I’m moderately ashamed to say it, but that may have been the best part of the weekend.

Still, I’m looking forward to our next getaway already.

black horse in meadow sunset

view from the cabin at singing lands ranch

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