books I read in October

couple in photo booth

I would have read more, but I discovered This is Us on Netflix, and then I didn’t do much of anything after that.

I’d normally be ashamed to watch so much TV, but all my feels are already used up.

Books I read in October:

  1. Euphoria, by Lily King
    I wouldn’t say I liked this book, but there was something oddly compelling about it.
  2. Asking For It, by Louise O’Neill
    Teenagers can be horrific human beings, and I don’t know how any of us survived.
  3. I Found You, by Lisa Jewell
    This was reasonably good until about halfway through, when it became ridiculous and nonsensical.
  4. Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes
    Limitless (by Alan Glynn) version 1.0, with all the (lack of) political correctness of the 1950s/60s. Despite having to suspend disbelief and/or ethics through most of it, I enjoyed this a lot.
  5. Girl Last Seen, by Nina Laurin
    I have not learned my lesson. Why must so many mystery/suspense writers feel the need to beat the dead horse?
  6. Ripper, by Isabel Allende
    I don’t know if this was a bad translation issue, or just a bad book issue. To note something that will bother / be noticed by no one other than me, the translator chose to use the word peremptory outside of its legal meaning at least four times, which I thought was strange and uncalled for.
  7. The Forgetting Time, by Sharon Guskin
    Good and weird and kids are creepy.

YTD Reading Tally (so I can stop going back and adding up all my posts every time I’m curious): 63.

12 to go! I got this.

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