Did you set a resolution to be more in shape this year?

Join the club.

eat like you give a damn mug

Every January 1st, I dig my optimism up out of its burial place, and convince myself that this is the year I’m going to lose those last 10 pounds and get abs. (Actually, who even cares what the scale says? I just want abs.)

I’m going to say no to those doughnuts I don’t even like. I’m going to do the Whole Life Challenge, again (this part is serious; you should join me). I’m going to start running. I’m going to be a better version of me.

And then January 2nd hits, and I just want to drink my caramel latte and eat my buttered muffin in peace.

So I tell myself I’ll exercise more (even though I know, I know, abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym). And all the gyms — including mine — want me to resolve to get fitter with them. As a marketing manager of a circus school, I’m guilty of this too. Join our gym; we’re better than the competition. We’re the most likely to help you achieve your goals.

But have we really thought about who our competition is? At first glance we might think it’s the other circus schools in the area, or the yoga studios, or ninja warrior gyms, or even the gymnastics centres. But it’s not. You know who our competition is? It’s that new bar around the corner. It’s Facebook. It’s fucking Netflix.

There are so many things in this life that aren’t conducive to our health. If you want to try a different circus school, great! (The more people you learn from, usually, the better you will be.) If circus isn’t your thing, but running gets you into the fresh air and feeling fantastic, do it! In a world designed to keep our attention in an endless of loop of status updates and episodes, let’s break the cycle.

So this year, maybe instead of resolving to lose ten pounds, maybe we resolve to turn off the TV. So we can get out there and help our bodies remember how amazing it feels to push ourselves to exhaustion. To feel what it’s like to want to nourish our bodies with healthy food after a good sweat (nobody I know has ever craved McDonalds after a hard workout). To experience the joy of being strong enough to succeed at something on the first try, because you got out there and moved, instead of ate potato chips on your couch.

That is where we’re at for 2018, friends. Still rambling.

Also, floss your teeth.

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