books I read in July 2018

sunflowers and sugar cookies on a plate

Things I’m into this month:

  • Lists
  • Long weekends by lakes
  • Cuddles with the rat dog in my hammock with a guilty pleasure novel
  • Matthew McConaughey (3 years late… whatever guys)

Things I’m not into this month:

  • Current styles of tea mugs and diffusers. Why isn’t anyone making anything cute?
  • Counting my macronutrients. I have so much more respect for bodybuilders in the pre-iPhone era. I’m pretty sure it would take hours to do one day’s meal planning without an app.

Books I read in July:

  1. Lost Boy, by Christina Henry
    Staying a child forever doesn’t make you cool, Peter Pan. Children (and Peter Pan) are selfish jerks. This was the perfect sit-by-a-campfire-and-read-all-day book.
  2. The Butterfly Garden, by Dot Hutchison
    Surprisingly good with a few solid punches to the gut, though one of the two audiobook narrators was terrible, so I’d suggest reading it on paper.
  3. Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins
    A girl with whom I went to grade school passed away, along with her boyfriend and friend, because she slipped off the edge of Shannon Falls. It was not the best time to read this book.
  4. Crooked Kingdom, by Leigh Bardugo
    I loved this series… and really felt like it was set up for there to be a third book. Please can there be a third book?
  5. The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch
    Somehow this wasn’t quite what I expected. It feels bad saying this when he’s dead, but it was more predictable than profound.
  6. The Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller
    Yesssss. When’s your third book coming out, Madeline Miller?
  7. The Forty Rules of Love, by Elif Shafak
    I saw this in an airport in Istanbul, bought it, and then couldn’t get into it. This was take 2… I made it, but, meh. The ending was awful.
  8. What If? by Randall Munroe
    So fun! So educational! So…. well… no, I guess it wasn’t really useful.
  9. The Girl in the Tower, by Katherine Arden
    I started reading this before the wedding/honeymoon, had to return it to the library, and only just re-borrowed it and finished it. In one sitting. Because it. was. so. good.
  10. Love and Other Words, by Christina Lauren
    I can’t decide if I liked this or not. Sometimes it was so cheesy it hurt. Sometimes it was predictable. Sometimes it was perfect.

The DNF list:

  1. All That I Am, by Anna Funder
    I know I’m not really enjoying a book when I find myself watching more and more Netflix in the evenings. This is probably an excellent book, but I just don’t really like books about war.

YTD books read: 71
Goal: 100
Books to go: 29

Live in a city that’s cooler than Vancouver right now? Here’s that sugar cookie recipe.

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