just let me sleep in

I read a lot of medium.com posts for my job. Most are related to architecture or urban planning, but I also scan through the top stories, to see what becomes popular, and what I can learn from them. Scientists say Facebook and Instagram can have detrimental effects on our self-confidence, but has anyone ever considered … Continue reading just let me sleep in

making salt water taffy for engagement photo shoot

a baker’s guide to wedding planning

Disclaimer / giving credit where credit's due: I did not take any of these photos! The following are a selection of our engagement photos by the talented Wilson Lau of Wilson Lau Photography. With 500 days to go, here is the current status of wedding planning, for those who are wondering: Invitations: No idea. Decorations: Haven't … Continue reading a baker’s guide to wedding planning

sugar cookies with sprinkles and tea

books I read (and cookies I baked) in March

2017 is flying by, and this site is unintentionally becoming a book review blog instead of a food showcase. But there are blueberry muffins on my camera and words in my brain, so change is coming soon. I hope. Cross your fingers for me. Books I read: Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman I did that thing … Continue reading books I read (and cookies I baked) in March

books I read in February

I like books, and I like lists. Let's make this a monthly thing, shall we? Brain on Fire, by Susannah Cahalan A memoir (of sorts) about anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. Not since the essay about Morgellons Disease in The Empathy Exams have I had such hypochondria. The Improbability of Love, by Hannah Rothschild Parts of this book were … Continue reading books I read in February

chocolate pistachio sables

books I read in January

It’s that time of year where all we should really be doing is curling up with tea and biscuits and obsessively reading novels. Of course, most of us don’t have / don’t choose to have the luxury of available hours in which to do so (case in point: my grand plan of decreasing my schedule … Continue reading books I read in January

cinnamon rolls in skillet

what to expect from a contortion class

A couple of weeks ago, I started taking contortion classes. In my head, taking contortion was going to be like an intense yoga class. We’d do some active flexibility exercises and assisted stretching. Most of the class would be spent lying on the floor. Spoiler alert: I was wrong. I mean, in the basic sense, … Continue reading what to expect from a contortion class

almond brittle in blue bowl

dance your heart out

I've been watching a lot of dance videos on YouTube to get ideas for movements and music to perform circus to. Because of that, I've been watching a lot of kids' hip hop dance competitions. These kids are incredible. One video I watched was with this amazing little black girl. She must have been about … Continue reading dance your heart out