books I read in July

It's hard to think of something upbeat to say when I've read three depressing books in a row. I wanted there to be a big thunderstorm so I could curl up in bed with hot chocolate and an enjoyable book. Instead I spent last weekend climbing around a treetop adventure course, riding the wooden roller … Continue reading books I read in July

homemade whiskey banana bread muffins

books I read in June

Don't even talk to me about how fast this year is flying by. I'm loving it and I'm hating it and I'm getting married soon. Actually, I'm not, but it feels that way since everything and everyone in the wedding industry is already booked for the entire summer of 2018. That's nuts. It turns out other … Continue reading books I read in June

red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing

happy 150th, Canada

Canada's old, eh? The Forever Human and I went off the grid again this past long weekend (photos coming soon!), so we missed the local fireworks and cake celebrations in honour of Canada's 150th birthday. Never one to pass up an opportunity for cake and fireworks, I made my own. Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream … Continue reading happy 150th, Canada

closeup of homemade yam and avocado sushi

things I wish someone had taught me before I got my first job

I learned a lot of things in university. I learned how to calculate the rate of heat transfer from one end of a pipe to the other if it was a certain mix of copper and aluminum. I learned the force it would take to permanently deform an I-beam. I learned how to do a … Continue reading things I wish someone had taught me before I got my first job

roasted marshmallows and chocolate on a banana split smore

books I read in May

May flew by. The Forever Human and I went up north for the most incredible long weekend off the grid. Hey Canada, you rock. Books I read: Everything You Want Me to Be, by Mindy Meija I loved this book so much. So much. Hey Nostradamus!, by Douglas Coupland I think that this might be a … Continue reading books I read in May