books I read in June 2018

We just got back from our trip of a lifetime, and I've been itching to get away again. So in between organizing my trip and wedding photos (more to come at some point, I promise... in the next year?), I've been scouting out campsites, planning packing lists, and generally plotting my next escape. I've also … Continue reading books I read in June 2018

view from the cabin at singing lands ranch

true north strong and free

Two months ago, I bundled up the forever human, a bunch of bedding, and way too much junk food in the truck and headed off to Clearwater, BC to see Helmcken Falls. It took half a day of being there before I was determinedly planning our next cell-reception-free getaway. Canada celebrated its 150th birthday a … Continue reading true north strong and free

pier over beaver lake with rowboat

Wells Gray Provincial Park (Clearwater, BC)

When was the last time you saw a list of cool places on Facebook, and then just went? When was the last time you shut off your cellphone for days at a time, canoed around a lake, hiked around waterfalls, and tried to spot deer and bears? We did spot a couple deer, but I wasn't … Continue reading Wells Gray Provincial Park (Clearwater, BC)

Tofino on a budget

Visiting Tofino, British Columbia on a budget is simple: go to Ucluelet. All (or, at least, most) jokes aside, it can be possible to visit Tofino without spending a ton of money. Where to Stay The cheapest Tofino hotel or motel that I could find online was  $200/night. I then checked AirBnB and found an awesome … Continue reading Tofino on a budget

two months ago I went to Montreal

...and then I didn't write about it, because I am a champion procrastinator. But! In the spirit of better late than never, here are my recommendations: Cafe Regine, for such an incredible brunch that we went back two days in a row Maison Christian Faure, for all the fanciest of the fancy treats at a … Continue reading two months ago I went to Montreal

vacation, part 2

A few weeks ago I posted some of our roadtrip photos with some tips for going on a camping roadtrip. I also promised to post the rest of our vacation photos soon. I'm finally getting around to it now. ...Better late than never? So for those of you who love other people's vacation photos, for … Continue reading vacation, part 2

10 Tips for Planning a Camping Road Trip

Four weeks ago, my boyfriend and I took off on a last minute three-week roadtrip, camping and couch-surfing our way down from Vancouver, Canada, to Death Valley, California. Here, I've rounded up some of the biggest lessons we learned - I hope they'll help and inspire anyone thinking about getting away from the rat race and … Continue reading 10 Tips for Planning a Camping Road Trip