why I teach (and do) flying trapeze

It’s easy to get caught up in the details. Ready; bend your knees. Yep, those things halfway down your legs. Bend them. Great, now jump. No, don’t bend more. Jump! Slide your feet off. Both feet. Oh god. Stop crumpling over like that. Keep your arms straight. Move your feet. Slide them forward. Forward. Forward. … Continue reading why I teach (and do) flying trapeze

engaged couple walking dogs in bc

our minus-one anniversary

Note: These are not my pictures! All of the lovely photos in this post were taken by Vivian of Lifetime Captures Photography A year from now, I am going to stand among my best friends in a white dress. I’m going to face the kindest, most generous, and most loving human I’ve ever met, and … Continue reading our minus-one anniversary

books I read in July

It's hard to think of something upbeat to say when I've read three depressing books in a row. I wanted there to be a big thunderstorm so I could curl up in bed with hot chocolate and an enjoyable book. Instead I spent last weekend climbing around a treetop adventure course, riding the wooden roller … Continue reading books I read in July