Heps for Hearts: A Night at the Circus

Shit just got real. As many of my friends and family know, over the past decade my mom has had two strokes, and my dad has suffered two heart attacks (and in August this year underwent a septuple bypass). It's been on my project list for a long time to run a fundraiser for the … Continue reading Heps for Hearts: A Night at the Circus

winter is coming

Chris and I spent (Canadian!) Thanksgiving in Red Deer, Alberta. We returned a couple weeks ago to a gorgeous, crisp, fall day in Vancouver, BC. That night, a 72-hour wind and rain storm started. It seems that was the end of the sunny autumn days where the leaves change and there are still bright colours around. … Continue reading winter is coming

drop whatever you’re doing

We now interrupt our regular programming to bring you a special message: There are not many people in this world whom I trust enough to eat whatever they make for me, no questions asked. George is one of these people. So is Rosie (but only because I can't imagine her cooking anything that weird). The kitchen … Continue reading drop whatever you’re doing

spring is coming

“Life is unpredictable, It changes with the seasons, Even your coldest winter, Happens for better reasons, And though it feels eternal, Like all you’ll ever do is freeze, I promise spring is coming, And with it, brand new leaves.” – e.h Things are changing around here, so my posts may be less frequent over the … Continue reading spring is coming