just let me sleep in

I read a lot of medium.com posts for my job. Most are related to architecture or urban planning, but I also scan through the top stories, to see what becomes popular, and what I can learn from them. Scientists say Facebook and Instagram can have detrimental effects on our self-confidence, but has anyone ever considered … Continue reading just let me sleep in

cinnamon rolls in skillet

what to expect from a contortion class

A couple of weeks ago, I started taking contortion classes. In my head, taking contortion was going to be like an intense yoga class. We’d do some active flexibility exercises and assisted stretching. Most of the class would be spent lying on the floor. Spoiler alert: I was wrong. I mean, in the basic sense, … Continue reading what to expect from a contortion class

head down, plugging on

I'm pretty good at staying on task. Lately my weekdays include work, doing homework on my lunch break, more work, circus training, circus school work, household chores, and then passing out in bed just to do it all over again. Most days I don't have time for friends or family, much less memes and cat … Continue reading head down, plugging on

London calling

A friend of mine's mother owns this awesome company called the English Cream Tea Company. Because I never shut up about Cadbury or tea or biscuits or other things that I think make me sound cultured and up on all things British (why yes, that is Paddington Bear on my bookshelf, right next to all … Continue reading London calling

new year, new stuff and things

Now that we're 12 days into 2016 and everyone I know who set new year's resolutions has been reduced to grasping on with their fingertips while dragging behind the back of the wagon, I feel like it's an appropriate for me to set my own resolutions. By resolutions, however, I really mean a 2016 bucket list. These … Continue reading new year, new stuff and things

breakfast of champions

A few weeks ago, I hosted a potluck and poker night. I made butter tarts and s'mores cookies for the occasion, thinking that others would bring more savoury items. I don't know why I always make this assumption. Everyone always likes to bring sweet things. We didn't do too badly, though. We had a homemade spinach … Continue reading breakfast of champions