head down, plugging on

I'm pretty good at staying on task. Lately my weekdays include work, doing homework on my lunch break, more work, circus training, circus school work, household chores, and then passing out in bed just to do it all over again. Most days I don't have time for friends or family, much less memes and cat … Continue reading head down, plugging on

new year, new stuff and things

Now that we're 12 days into 2016 and everyone I know who set new year's resolutions has been reduced to grasping on with their fingertips while dragging behind the back of the wagon, I feel like it's an appropriate for me to set my own resolutions. By resolutions, however, I really mean a 2016 bucket list. These … Continue reading new year, new stuff and things

breakfast of champions

A few weeks ago, I hosted a potluck and poker night. I made butter tarts and s'mores cookies for the occasion, thinking that others would bring more savoury items. I don't know why I always make this assumption. Everyone always likes to bring sweet things. We didn't do too badly, though. We had a homemade spinach … Continue reading breakfast of champions

creature of habit

Today, I don't have a witty anecdote for you. (To be fair, I usually don't. I just fool myself into thinking I do.) Instead, I'm going to tell you about cinnamon buns. You'll probably enjoy that more than a mildly witty anecdote anyway. I feel like I only ever make three things on this blog: … Continue reading creature of habit

baby it’s cold outside

I was super organized for Christmas this year. I decided not to do too much Christmas-specific baking, since I bake all the time for this blog anyway. I also decided to go out and do things with my friends in lieu of Christmas gifts. So when I say organized, what I'm really saying is very successfully implementing … Continue reading baby it’s cold outside

crazy one more time

Come on out, Mary-Jane I'm looking through your window pane I heard the word - you're back in town I've got some cheap cigarettes, your favourite beer Girl wear the dress I always dream about, oh  We'll chase the moon, ride the stars Find the muscle in this car, I know It's still got something … Continue reading crazy one more time