books I read in December

There's a candle company based out of my circus school, and the owner is one of the nicest people I've ever met. It's also brilliant to have a candle company in a gym, because it always smells like apples or vanilla or pine trees, instead of feet and sweat. Anyway, the candle company's busiest season … Continue reading books I read in December

books I read in November

On one hand, I can't believe the year is almost over. On the other hand, I started making gingerbread and finished all my Christmas shopping weeks ago. Books I read in November: Rich People Problems, by Kevin Kwan I just can't help myself. It's so bad but so good. The Night Gardener, by Jonathan Auxier … Continue reading books I read in November

vegan gingerbread reindeer

write write write write write

Sometimes it takes a while for my brain to settle into writing mode. Back when my blog was my only reason to write (with the limited intended audience of only my future now-where-did-I-leave-that-recipe self and my mom (Hi Mom!)), it wasn’t a big deal to have writer’s block. Eventually I’d hit a creative high and churn … Continue reading write write write write write

jellybeans decorated gingerbread house

house building // home building

I fell off the wagon again. I apologize. For about a month there, I was working 60 hours a week, and desperately trying to complete my final project for my Editing Certificate. All I was doing in the kitchen was boiling water for fluorescent chicken noodle soup and earl grey tea, in combination with grabbing … Continue reading house building // home building

slice of caramel apple upside-down gingerbread cake

dating gives me anxiety

Relationships are weird. I mean, first you meet someone and you get excited and you do all these things to impress them. I wear my favourite clothes when I know I'm going to see him. (Actually, I decide I hate all my clothes, sometimes buy new ones, and then settle on an outfit I can live … Continue reading dating gives me anxiety

I’m ahead of myself again

You know what it's way too early for? Getting excited for Christmas. I'm upset that Christmas stuff is showing up in stores already, and yet... I have to admit it. I'm so excited. I'm excited for fuzzy socks and turkey dinners and movie marathons and finding the perfect gifts and ice skating and spiked peppermint hot chocolates. … Continue reading I’m ahead of myself again

sometimes I say dumb things

I think God (whoever or whatever that may mean to you) has a thing for fineliners. I get that. I love a good fineliner. Actually, I get irrationally excited about a fair number of writing instruments. And a fair number of things in general. Oh boy. Three sentences in and I’m already off track (that’s … Continue reading sometimes I say dumb things