books I read in October 2018

October was not my month. But I did read a lot, so... you win some, you lose some. Books I read in October: Only Human (The Themis Files #3), by Sylvain Neuvel In the second book of this series, the 10-year-old Puerto Rican girl was voiced by what sounded like a Spanish-speaking, heavy-smoking 60 year … Continue reading books I read in October 2018

closeup of homemade yam and avocado sushi

things I wish someone had taught me before I got my first job

I learned a lot of things in university. I learned how to calculate the rate of heat transfer from one end of a pipe to the other if it was a certain mix of copper and aluminum. I learned the force it would take to permanently deform an I-beam. I learned how to do a … Continue reading things I wish someone had taught me before I got my first job

just let me sleep in

I read a lot of posts for my job. Most are related to architecture or urban planning, but I also scan through the top stories, to see what becomes popular, and what I can learn from them. Scientists say Facebook and Instagram can have detrimental effects on our self-confidence, but has anyone ever considered … Continue reading just let me sleep in

chocolate pistachio sables

books I read in January

It’s that time of year where all we should really be doing is curling up with tea and biscuits and obsessively reading novels. Of course, most of us don’t have / don’t choose to have the luxury of available hours in which to do so (case in point: my grand plan of decreasing my schedule … Continue reading books I read in January

vegan gingerbread reindeer

write write write write write

Sometimes it takes a while for my brain to settle into writing mode. Back when my blog was my only reason to write (with the limited intended audience of only my future now-where-did-I-leave-that-recipe self and my mom (Hi Mom!)), it wasn’t a big deal to have writer’s block. Eventually I’d hit a creative high and churn … Continue reading write write write write write

on niches and not following advice

The most frequent blogging advice that I see is "find your niche and stick to it." When I started this blog, I was a vegan. Then I ate with no restrictions for a while, and then I became a Whole Life Challenge devotee, spending 8 weeks at a time 3 times a year eating practically … Continue reading on niches and not following advice

one thing at a time

So, I know I was all like, "I'm back on track! I'm going to post all the time again!" ...And then you didn't hear from me for a month. I'm sorry. It turns out that when you have two jobs and circus training and friends and a relationship and school, and then you temporarily take … Continue reading one thing at a time