Kimberly is a content writer specializing in online content. She has written for many platforms:

  • Website copy
  • Social media content
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts (both personal and corporate)
  • Medium.com articles
  • Brochure and marketing materials copy

Kimberly has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Integrated Engineering from the University of British Columbia, providing her with a strong technical background, and the ability to understand concepts needed to write technical documents and reports. She began her career writing corporate social responsibility reports and technical blog posts.

In 2015, Kimberly went back to school to build on her skills, and graduated with an Editing Certificate from Simon Fraser University. She now has a job writing blog posts, thought leadership pieces, website copy, and social media content.

As an editor as well as a writer, Kimberly has a deep passion for impeccable grammar and clear, jargon-free publications.

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